Anything That Get Your Blood Racing Is Probably Worth Doing

– Hunter S. Thompson

Yes. And I have been living the most beautiful moments of my life since I decided to quit my job to follow my only one passion: Music.

Today, I am recording/mixing engineer, acoustics designer and founder of Tap chi Mix – the trusted blog about professional audio and music in Vietnam, which is serving over 50.000 readers.

Oh man, I love every bits of my daily jobs!

Music & Audio Services

When you are behind that desk, and you are touching their art, you’re touching them, and when you’re touching their emotion, it’ll become your emotion, you created art. You become a part of it. Your emotion drives their music.

― Chris Lord Alge

Music is my only one passion. The main thing that sets me apart from others is that: I consider your music IS mine. I always try to seek for the most unique view-angle about your arts and make it shine.

For me, in order to give audiences an amazing listening experience (yes, they deserve it!), we have to feed them both meaningful music and unique, full-of-character sound.

I will help you to get it right from the start (recording phase) to the end (mastering phase).

Acoustics Design Services

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.
― Bob Marley

How to let music hits us? Just listen to music.

But… how to let music hits you HARD? Listen to music in a Wonderful Sonic Environment!

Solving Acoustics problems, we can conquer The Quest for Excellent Listening or Monitoring Experience!

Together, I can help you in every phase of making your dream space come true, from planning, conceptual design to implementation, measurement and system calibration.

Welcome to the new world of Accurate and Inspiring Listening Spaces!

Have a quick look at my budget listening room that meets several critical specs of ITU Reference Listening Room Recommendations.


Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

– Albert Einstein

For me, training is the art of spreading inspiration, guiding the train of thought, helping others to form good habits of thinking and practicing.

I do provide services of 1-on-1 mentoring, on-demand-training for corporate and online education via video streaming.

My past learners range from music lovers, singers, musicians to live/studio sound engineers. There is absolutely no limit regarding their ages (16-60) and locations (Ca Mau to Ha Noi)! The only one essential thing they share together is the love about music.

I  really appreciate it! That’s why I do love teaching beside doing audio engineering stuffs.